8 Signs You Attended An Ivy League School

Never before has a list like this been compiled. Read on and find out whether or not you attended an Ivy League University. Without this list you cannot be certain of anything. Thank god I made it.


1. You went to Brown

Brown. Like poop. Heh

2. You went to Columbia

The school was named after the country and its bountiful cocaine reserves

3.  You went to Cornell

You learned all up in his hallowed halls

4. You went to Dartmouth

“I bet you can’t throw that dart in my mouth” – Dartmouth drinking game

5. You went to Harvard

You nerd.

6. You went to Princeton

Dr. House works in the health center. He exclusively prescribes salt water rinses and cough drops

7. You went to Penn

Kal Penn founded the University of Pennsylvania in 1761

8. You went to Yale

Wale went to Yale. He majored in Linguistics and Criminology

Honestly, if you went to an Ivy League, you don’t need a stupid list like this to tell you that you went to one. Literally use your memory and just remember whether you went or not.


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